Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's Wasteful!

This week we had quite the week, biking that is. We biked about 5 marathons. Basically marathons on the daily. No biggie, except the hills. They're biggies. Explains the loss of some poundage.

I'm super distracted today. It's just one of those days. You know?

We taught Edgar and he is doing great! He's on track so we are excited for that, also we had some good lessons with a couple less active members who weren't doing anything we asked them to week after week but we finally were able to break through some barriers.  I'm sure it is thanks to our dashing good looks.  OK Mostly the Holy Ghost, but I'm sure the looks helped. Except that everywhere we go we are sweating more than you can imagine. 

Anyways one of the great blessings of the week was that the Lord has blessed us for our patience in white washing and given us a small break.  He didn't stop it from raining when we had to do laundry, but that's ok.  There ain't no rest for the weary, baptisms don't grow on trees.

Other big news is that Gladys Knight is coming to our area and giving a fireside, which is a huge missionary effort covering three stakes.  It is supposedly a big deal. For some reason everybody keeps talking about taking a train to Georgia at midnight .No idea what that is about. We are super excited for that event.  Apparently it yields lots of fruit. We are getting ready for it in April.  Conference and this Gladys Knight lady. Apparently her music is pretty good. Anyways we are looking forward to that.

The reason for the title this week is for some reason lately I've been speaking like batman now and then.  There was a funny video I watched back home where batman says "Its wasteful." Well one day we were biking and I
was mumbling  to myself. (I'm pretty sure the hobos thought I was casting spells on them. oh well. it happens a lot.)  Sometimes you just have to talk to yourself. Anyway as we were biking there was a guy going through the garbage and tossing things out onto the ground. My companion got ahead of me aways and I was thinking of what
a terrible waste this energy was going to be to catch up to him, so I yelled in batman voice "ITS WASTEFUL!!! I scared the hobo so much he almost climbed into the garbage can, but when we came back all the stuff he was throwing around was off of the ground.  I helped keep the area clean.  You are welcome South Pasadena. 

Well got to go! But I love you lots and the things we do for this gospel are NEVER wasteful!


Elder Rollins

In my lettter to Josh I told him that I had been super sick the week before.  I may or may not have told him that I was on my death bed.  Death bed eh? Does that mean I don't have to call on Mother's Day??

Only if you want to have a shortened lifespan also!  Punk! Well that would also stop the call eh? 

The call maybe but boy would you get sick of me on the other side of the veil!  Lectures galore! But you'd be in a lot of trouble for murder....

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