Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Well Here We Are.


So so so this week was pretty good! First news, we found out that Edgar's name is actually Edgard. Weird. But we are ok because he is so excited to get baptized! It is refreshing to see! He is a good young man! His current biggest desire is to go into the celestial room. Too perfect.

Also we had a great experience with this young woman named Ruth, she was standing outside on Saint Patrick's day wearing all of this green. When she saw us she went inside her house but her kid stayed outside. So being the tease that I am, we asked the kid if he would bring his mom outside. Reluctantly Ruth came out and admitted she sort of knew who we were and that she always avoided us. We started talking and she knew some members in Utah and then we had a good conversation with her that had her telling us we could come back. So obviously teasing isn't always bad. That's what I learned.

But for the funny story of the week, my companion got chased by a dog. For some reason the dogs in this are just don't like us. But this was A Big Dog. I only saw it from the back as I was buckling my helmet still riding all casual as my companion peddled for his life from what looked like a pit bull boxer mix. Or something of the sort. It was a muscley  dog. So while I was just laughing the dog turned and saw me coming. So I did the first thing that came to my mind. I barked at it. It worked. I am the dog whisperer. Well it's more of a barker. Or barking mad. Not sure. But we had a good time, we met a random member on the street who said we must be old missionaries because our shirts didn't sparkle white. Ouch. Oh well.

But I learned something important this week and that is "the best time to dig a well, is before you are thirsty" because there will come a time in your life where you will be thirsty, a time that will require you to take big gulps from our wells of our testimony. And if we do not have enough, we end up sucking in dirt. So dig deep people.

Don't forget to consider the lilies!
Love, love, love!

Happy happy Easter!

Elder Rollins

How was your week?  Week was Bueno
How is Edgar this week?   He is doing really well!  All he talks about is his baptism this week!  And getting married in the temple!  Good young man.
Any word from Margaret and her husband?  Nope.  They fell off the planet.  Someone else lives in their house.
Are you healthy?   Healthy as an on.  Whatever that means. 
How is your attitude?  Attitude of gratitude. 
Do you still love the people in California?   yes. 
I saw you had zone conference this week.  How was it?  We did.  It was pretty darn good.  Learned quite a bit. 
What did you learn this week?  I learned that the best time to dig a well is before you are thirsty. 
When did you fell the spirit?  At Zone Conference. 
How is your ward?  What time does your ward meet?  They are good.  We meet at 11:00
Do you know how much we love you? Yes, mother. 

Pasadena Zone Conference

Lunch after zone conference

Me and my Muffin.

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