Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Edgar says two phrases to almost everything, well maybe three. And they go as follows. "Yuuuup" "that's what's up!" "That's clean man that's clean" just some things that happen you know. It's ok though.

Also as an FYI the pday rules might change, so we might maybe possibly be limited to an hour for sports and an hour and a half for email. So that's that, now I will come home fat. Yes I said that just to rhyme, it happens all the time. (See) Anywaysies we had a pretty good week, highlight was taking Edgar and his fam to the temple visitors center. It was pretty great, we had a good little visit with them on the way and they were sooooo excited to go into the temple some day, all they talked about is how beautiful the celestial room sounded and how they couldn't wait to be sealed. That was pretty good to hear. (His mom and brother are already members) but other than that not much else has been going on, just pruning and grafting. All day every day. Seriously though. All day. Every single day. But it's never the same day. Weird huh? 

Anyway, a good story for this week was we were biking down this hill, and I was flying, like a falcon wouldn't have had anything on me. And what'd ya know but a stupid freaking Chihuahua jumps in front and acts like it's going to bite the bike. The owner screams bloody murder for me to stop but it was too late... A couple bumps later I was pretty depressed. I totally missed the darn thing. It's lucky I have a conscience. 
Well the church is too true! Obviously! 

I know it with all my heart!


Love you! 

Elder Rollins 

Hey so have you heard about a release date yet?   Yes.
Were you going to share it?  Yes.
Seriously? June 28th. 

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