Monday, January 19, 2015

1 Rollins 3:1

And it came to pass, that Elder Rollins reported in the third week of the reign of the Zone Lords saying; Behold, my Beloved Brethren and Sistren, I perceive that this week went well according to the will of the Lord. And now behold, I Elder Rollins have experienced much tribulation and strife, for behold, the mission is not easy. And it came to pass that I did pray mightily to the Lord in behalf of the people, and I was given courage, yea, even courage to call repentance unto the people of the land of Pasadena, and behold, I did get straight up shut down, and the people did whine, with much gnashing of teeth, yea, and they did tremble exceedingly because of fear of change, for behold, they were sore afraid of the punishment of sin. Therefore they did scorn and mock and cause much contention, but behold, I, Elder Rollins, did much laughing, for behold, I have become learned in the ways humor from my father, and behold we did suffer happily, therefore, we are alive. Yea, we did press forward and did confound strange people with our big smiles. And there was much rejoicing in the land. Yea,and  the scriptures are true, for behold Joseph Smith could not have written like the above writing for 500 pages, yea, my brain does ache exceedingly. Therefore I make an end of my writing. (like this)

Anyway, it was a good week! We are doing a 40 day fast, where we fast from certain things for 40 days, (talking about home, singing non hymns, quoting movies.. Etc.) and we have seen miracles! 
Josh at the Rose Bowl Stadium

We were walking down the street one day and the first two people we talked to had prayed for help, crazyyy, one guy even got teary eyed because he is an alcoholic and we told him that he could be freed and it was just pretty much awesome. 

Josh again at the Rose Bowl Stadium
We had a good time this week, 'twas an adventure, lots of talking to people. But the event I want to stress today, happened on exchanges with the zone leaders, I was with Elder Stinson here in Pasadena, we went out to talk to less actives, we had no success throughout the whole day, until the end, we knocked on the door and a less active opened it. We asked if we could come in. He let us in and we started sharing a message, we shared a video and asked what he thought about it and this is where it gets interesting. "It made me mad" we asked why and he went on to tell us some crazy stories about his trials, how hard his life was, all that jazz. We told him God loves him and knows how he feels. "Then where is he!?!?" He yelled at us. "And why is all the bad stuff happening to me?!" Oh man, I about smacked him. But I'm a missionary, so instead, we bore testimony. that is kind of the same thing, right? Hopefully testimonies should be stronger and you will also get completely different results.  We kept talking to him and poured on the testimony, and he started bawling, and literally gave us hugs as we left, so unfortunately I have to give another soap box. 

Please never forget that God loves you, you are a child of a loving Heavenly Father who literally gave everything to us. He is evident in every object, every person, every where. He knows. For those who wonder "why me?", which we all do, me included, this is what I have learned, to quote Elder Christofferson "I am the Gardner here". He really is!  Oh how I wish some things never had to happen but they do happen. God has given us the gift of agency and we have to choose right now whether or not suffering and trials now is worth the chance to have glory for the rest of eternity.

God wants us to be kings and queens someday and you can't run a universe with no experience so we are in a training ground.  Please don't let Satan lead you to his pity party, there are no refreshments served after that party. Life is hard everyone knows, but tests aren't supposed to be easy, and we all should desire a good grade.  The answer to "why me?" is because you can do it, and God knows you can and he will help you! I know you can do hard things too! No giving up!  There ain't no rest for the weary, experience don't grow on trees! But we keep pushin on, and We will till we're gone! 

Funny story for the week.  We were contacting and we talked to all these Christians, they asked questions and apparently we answered right, because they loved us. Then at the end they were like, can we pray for you, and i, thinking that they meant later, said, "sure!" Well then all six of them half circled around us and put their hands on our shoulders so we made a circle, and then one of them started praying, it was like a rameumptum prayer, like "ohhh please help the guys continue down their path ohh please.. etc." it was strange, and they all would be like "mmm" whenever he said something. I didn't know what to do, and Elder Brown was worrying about the fact a girl had her hand on his shoulder. Anyway, we laughed about that.

I love you all a whole lot a bunches! 

Know you are loved! 
Cause y'all are. 

Elder Rollins

How is Kai?  Great!
How is Ashley? Sick.
How is Matt? Great! 
When did you feel the spirit this week? When we were contacting, it was just flowing, we have some good potentials.
When did you laugh this week?  See above story
What advice would you teach young men who are still preparing to go? Really truly read the Book of Mormon.
What did you study this week? Pride, and repentance.

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