Monday, January 12, 2015


This is me, writing you, about my week. 

Before I begin, Ethan buddy, I believe it's your birth Week! Good for you! Don't grow up please! Thank you! You're one cool little man! 

Also, to my man, Alex, Happy Birthweek! If I'm not mistaken, it is your turn to get the priesthood! Good for you! I'm proud of you kiddo, you'll be one cool little deacon! You're a goofball! And I love you for it!

The funny experience of the week is when we went out with a member, this member is super goofy, and he knows it, the funny experience is when we were walking to talk to this guy who was smoking stuff, and the member walked up and asked if he had any for us. Super weird, but it did break the ice. 

Now for the serious, unfortunately, it has been on my mind, so I'm sending it home! Hopefully it helps! 

Well since the holidays are over, people are not nearly as receptive, but that's ok, agency is a gift, but it was meant to use wisely, I had an experience this week that made me think about what I was doing this thing for, but first, the experience.

Elder Brown and I went to a house where we had set up a lesson, we knocked and a little kid answered the door, we talked to him and this guy with a half drained beer and very bad breath started talking, we asked if we could share a message and they said "tomorrow, come back tomorrow" and I guess they expected us to be satisfied with that, we weren't. So we tried to set up a time, I was holding the door open and the drunk guy grabbed the door knob and yelled "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" as he slammed both doors

Now it didn't really do anything at first, I just laughed, because he acted like he was tough, but he was maybe 5' 4 and had more rolls than the pillsbury dough boy, we walked away and it just kept bugging me. All I could think about was how all I wanted to do was help dad gummit, but they wouldn't even give us the time of day.  Then Satan started to put doubts in my head and I being, the foolish guy I am, let them in. I was discouraged.   

Then amidst my pity party, I started humming "Ye Elders of Israel" and instead of feeling angry, it turned to sadness. That poor, poor man, he knows alcohol only makes him happy for a few hours or until he gets his next drink. It was reaffirmed to me, because I already knew this in my head, but now I know it in my heart, there is nothing better than the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

But all in all, it was a good week! We taught a man named Matt Lim, and he is super close to baptism, he just is scared about taking the final step, he told us this, and I told him "somebody is going to getcha" he laughed, but he totally knows it's true, punk. Also we talked to a guy who looked normal, but as soon as we said hi, he exploded into a fifteen minute rant on I don't even know what. 

Crazy people, they just brighten your day, speaking of brightening days, we were walking down the street and we talked to this guy who was out smoking, he proceeded to tell us he has a problem with depression, and that when he saw us smiling and out "spreading the word of Jesus" it lifted his heart, he rejoiced. It was good to hear! He also told us that we make a difference. But, he had given up on himself, he said it was too late to late for him, he couldn't change now, his "goose is cooked".

People. "THAT IS A LIE!!!! Straight from the cunning mouth of the adversary!!!! Do not listen!! The word Atone translated into Hebrew means "to cover" the enabling power of the Atonement covers ALL ailments, frailties, shortcomings, and weaknesses. To quote Elder Holland "Don't you quit! You keep walking! There are good things yet to come!" Every Time  you take that sacrament covered by the white clean cloth you can start over, Nobodies goose will be fried until it is on a spit over the embers of the wicked at the Second Coming, don't procrastinate the day of your repentance! Please, please I beg of you, Do. Not. Give. Up. There is Light at the end of the tunnel! And it is the Light of Christ, his arms outstretched.   The light comes in that young Aaronic Priesthood holder who holds out that tray to you, take it serious. Your Eternal Soul is on the front line of battle every waking moment, which way do you face?

Our purpose as Missionaries is to invite others to access the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Please please keep pushing! Imagine when you get to that wonderful kingdom and fall into Christ's arms and he whispers "You did it" He knows!!! I know that this is true! That hour of Sacrament meeting is the opportunity we have each week to "watch with Him one hour" this mission is not easy, it is not always fun, it is discouraging at times, it would be easy to give up, but the Atonement was the hardest thing ever done, and it is free, do not waste it, it is NEVER too late, do it now. 

I love you all! Christ is the Only Begotten Son of a loving Heavenly Father, we are all brothers and sisters. I know God lives, I Know Christ is the Son of God, and our Savior, without him I COULD NOT do this. It is impossible. Stay on the path! Smile! Take others with you! 

Elder Rollins

How is your new ward? Good! 
Are you feeling a little more comfortable there? Yes, a little I guess
Send me some pictures of your new place. Okidokey
How are Kai and Ashley? They are doing really well! I'm excited to see where they go!
When did you feel the spirit this week? I felt it during studies!
What did you do to serve this week? Did the dishes when the WML said I didn't need too, cause rebel without a reason 
Did you laugh with your companion this week?  When? Yes, we pretty much laugh all the time. No joke.
What was the most frustrating thing about this week? Getting wet in the rain, people not caring!
What did you study this week?  The Atonement
Our room, Mine desk is the one on the left. 

Our Kitchen.  In case you couldn't tell.

Living Room.  

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