Monday, January 26, 2015

Bike Probs and Miracles, Yo.

So this week was awesome! 

Sahweeet!  It's awesome to hear that Sister Bell will soon be joining the ranks of awesomeness! 

Anywhosits what's its, we went on a hike this morning, that was fun, I have pictures, but the camera died, and I don't want to go home, so I can't send any..... My b, but you will get lots next week! 

Ok now for the juicy stuff, we have just been really focusing on obedience this week, and because of it we set a baptismal date on the first lesson with a guy named Matthew Davenport, black guy, gold watch, sweet stache,. He is super cool. 

The way we found him was a miracle, we were contacting on Colorado blvd, aka Sodom, and we talked to this kid named Matthew and got his number. The next day we tried to call him and he said he would meet us at the church.  We go to the church and sit and wait, and then Matthew texts and says he is here.  The Matthew we were expecting was a teenager with long, long hair a couple piercings and really short.  The Matthew standing at the door is a clean cut black guy.   I'm thinking "Well.....he sure changed a lot" and Elder Brown answered the door and the man said "Hey I'm Matthew."   What?  Well we taught the lesson and said "With what you now know, will you be baptized?"  And he without hesitation was like "yea"!   What?  Come to find out his whole family are members in Idaho. We were so excited!  Apparently we were texting this new Matthew the entire time. (I don't know if the other Matthew gave us a bogus number and it was another Matthew)  Weird. 

Then Bishop Hansen comes out of his office and says "Who is this?" And Matthew introduces himself and shakes his hand and then bishop says "Do you know it's true?" And Matthew says yep, and we tell bishop he just accepted baptism and bishop asked if he was committed and he said yep! So we are naturally pretty excited. He is one elect fella. 

Now for the funny story, we went on exchanges with the Spanish elders next door, and I was with the greenie, and we were biking, within an hour of leaving the house, he got hit by a car that was turning right in front of us.  He wasn't hurt so we laughed it off and fixed the not-so-happy guys mirror and went on our way.  We taught a Muslim guy who spoke little English (I kinda needed a poncho cause I got stuck in his spray zone, like wiping it on my sleeve bad). We get out and are biking and then this happens...(I wrote to this Elders parents for him because "you tell it funnier than I do") 

We were biking across a street and I went first, there was a man sitting in his car, I went past and due to the fact we had a recent run in with a car earlier that day I turned around just in time to see the guy hit Elder Lane. The weirdest thing was instead of falling over, as normal people would do, Elder Lane, who was new to English work, and didn't know that English speakers usually just fall over when hit by two ton vehicles, did a complete180.  To explain my thoughts I will use scripture "be astonished, o ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid...." Jer. 2:12!  He was hit by a car twice in one day but he was protected and came out with a wobbly bike and a big side ache for me from laughing so hard. The best part is, he picked up the license plate he had severed from the guys grill and handed it to him saying something like "I'm good, here is this" as if he had just handed him his newspaper. It's good to know that us missionaries are protected. 

So basically that sums up the week, it was hard exhausting work, we have worked so hard to get a baptism, and now finally, I think we got one handed to us on a silver platter. 

O this work, there is nothing you will do mentally or spiritually harder, than bear your soul, and have it rejected, again and again.  You will present the tree of your testimony for others to partake of the good fruit you have, and some will take it, and others will deny, and others will throw it at the trunk, still others will take a bite, and proclaim that "it's not for them" but we are made by bumps and bruises, this is a work where things rarely if ever go as planned, but it is fun! 

I love you all! Have the best week ever! 

Elder Rollins

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