Monday, January 5, 2015

Another Day another Destiny!

Well, the holidays are over, and I am excited for this new year! I can't believe it's 2015! I know it will be a good one! 

Well, on this special occasion I have to wish the boss of our crew, Big G, a happy birthday! You are the best! 

My week was awesome! So for New Year's Eve, we went out and contacted people sitting along the Rose parade route, there were so many people, and they were all camping out in their little spots, it looked like we had walked in on the homes for hobos convention. Packed like sardines. 

Anyway, the best part was the very first group we talked to were so cool, their names were Alexis, Ryan, Jay, Josh, Laura, Emily and Conner. They were all about 20-24 and were super cool, we even sat down with them in their spot on the street.Elder Brown even borrowed one of their blankets. Unfortunately none of them live in our mission but it is all the same work, right?! We talked for over an hour and then moved on.We contacted a few other people and went home.

Now, Rose parade/Rose bowl game day came, in the morning we went and took a picture with the people we talked too, then we went to talk to other people because there were even more of them. So many people! Nothing really happened, then a stealth bomber flew over. No big deal. Ok Pretty Awesome! 

Then the floats are coming and it was crazy, cool floats and everything.  There were a bunch of crazies yelling "repent" and they would see us and be like "Catholicism cannot save you, satanism cannot save you, Mormonism cannot save you..." But we were sitting with 150 members, so when they yelled we would be burning in a not very nice place if we didn't change, one member said "It's getting hot!!" Hehe. Mormons. 

Oh and for those into college football, you don't know pain, until one of the biggest games of the season, is within a mile of your house, and you can't do anything about it. 

After the parade it was back to work, people clear out of there quick. Things were back to normal. We taught Kai this week and he said he didn't want to get baptized without a "great testimony"  which was great to hear that he wants to have a firm foundation!  That was awesome! We taught Ashley, she said she would "No problem" read the Book of Mormon!  So that was also good! And I got dinner at the bishops house and that was awesome (no chicken feet or goat brains). So all in all this week was fantabulous.

I've noticed that the hundreds of rejections disappear in an instant when somebody just says hello back! Anyways, I hope all of your missions are going well! Because whether you like it or not you're on a mission! And remember that nothing really worthwhile comes free. Don't think that God will witness himself to you, if you don't do anything, that's not how it works, if you don't exert effort how can He? Doesn't make sense.

Remember never Check Your religion at the door, you are a Mormon 24/7 your first loyalty is to God. 
Well, life is good! I am thankful that I am alive and I am especially grateful for all of y'all, you make life good! Keep it up! God loves you! He knows you can do hard things! So like Nike just do it! The rest will fall into place, don't worry! Go team! Score that basket unit! Love you all! Stay true! Return with Honor! 

Elder Rollins

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