Monday, February 9, 2015

Daddy District Care

Hola hermanos y hermanas!

I seem to recall a birthday of a cousin dear to my heart, the one and only Kassie! A little advice to you from me:
-Boys have cooties avoid at all costs
-Don't freak out
-Be happy
That should get you through everything!
When you lock the keys in the house. 

Sisters, Bevans, Ngos, Cannons, Us, BTW Look up Tom Ngo on the I'm a Mormon Videos
So this was a stressful week indeed! Lots of walking as to the fact Elder Slade doesn't have a bike!

Elder Slade
Saint George
Born in Bountiful
Like peanut butter.....a lot
Waiting for a visa to go to Angola Africa and speak Portuguese

Kai and Matthew are doing really well, they were totally bragging about their baptismal dates to people, it was refreshing. I laughed.

And now for tales of the crazy man.
We were walking down a street and there was a guy who kept yelling "Have you every seen anything like that?.... A GNOME! PAINTING!!!! WITH A PAINTBRUSH! Have you seen anything like that dude?!?" I had to sit down for a while...

Anyways, life is good! Love you all!

Church is true!

Gnomes are against finger painting!

Elder Rollins
Morning Workout.  Cause ...BENCHIN

Elder Brown, Chad Cannon, Elder Rollins
How is my favorite missionary this week? Good.
I hope you are happy and healthy!   Yep.
So I can't wait to hear about the new companion. He is cool.
Are you being nice to him?  Yes. 
Teaching him lots?  Yes.
How is the training gig going for you?  Good
Were you overwhelmed?  No not really, I saw it coming. I just had a feeling AND my contacts are working pretty well I guess!  (haha)  He meant his eye contacts are working so he saw it coming.  Oh brother. 
Are you ready for this? Yes ma'am. 
What exactly does a district leader do?  Nothing.  Teaches a meeting, gathers numbers, I get the easy job. 
So how is Matthew? He is doing really well.  
I have been worried about him this week.  Satan is going to get after him isn't he?  Warn the poor man.  Yes Satan is after him and I told him that already. 
How old is he?  34
Does he have a family? Yes he does.   
How about Kai?  How is he doing?  When is his baptism date.  Kai is doing well. His baptism date is March 7th.  
Who else are you currently teaching? Not anyone too solid.
All you talk about are the crazy people you meet. Are there any sane people in California?   No. And I guess they sent me here, so no, there are none.  Viva la loco!
Are you busy today?  Short letter.  Yes, busy.
Tell your new companion that I am sorry you are so messy.  Tell him I tried.  HEY! Mine is the only made bed thank you very much! And I did all the dishes, and deep cleaned the floor. And it's entirely your fault that I can't stand the mess.  (And that made me the happiest of all!)

Elder Rollins
The front of our apartment
The District, Elder Brown, Elder Justensen, Elder Bailey, Sister Riches and Sister Baker, Elder Pixton, Elder Schwindaman and Elder Rollins

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