Thursday, February 19, 2015


Hope everybody's week went wonderfully whimsically well!

So I hear it is Lauren's and Sara's birthdays this week, I wish you both wonderful birthdays! Hope you get some good gifts!

This week was long, but that is every week, so it was a good week. I am rather tired, but that is a good. We didn't do anything to exciting really. We had a lesson with Matthew and he is super excited to get baptized. I am very excited for him and can't wait for this weekend so that he can make that covenant. The lesson was very spiritual and at the end I told him he was the miracle I had been praying for. He is one solid guy!

Also we had lesson with Kai guy, he is doing well and still on track for his baptismal date, he is also excited and is all smiles! Bragging to ward members about his baptism. He cracks me up.

The rest of the week, we were contacting, and it was not fun. At all. We got rejected 53 times in about an hour and 15 minutes. But it was fun, I had to hold my tongue from tearing into people for telling me what I believed and how I was wrong and that they were saved. But I held it together, and waited till I was home to explode. I then went on like a twenty minute rant. About all the excuses we had heard. I was so confused on how they could be so foolish, how they couldn't see, I was so mad at these people. Stuck in their worldly pride. Thinking that because they have money they have joy. THAT HAPPINESS DOES NOT LAST!!!! Do not fall into that trap. I want you to imagine that everything you have is gone, and you are standing in front of God and Jesus Christ. And all you have is what you have done, would you feel comfortable? Would you even be able to look them in the eye? Or would you hide? Satan will tell you you are "ok" where you are, you are drinking, that's ok as long as you're thinking about being a good person. Breaking news, Satan is a LIAR, he does. not. care. He wants your soul as a trophy, to say to Heavenly Father "look what I have taken from you" then he will throw you away. This is not an idle gospel, it is a gospel of spiritual stretching and pulling and changing. So use it. It's use it or lose it.

Ok, I'm off the soapbox. Had to get that off my chest.

So a funny experience. This very very drunk man came up to us and told us "you're messing with the devil!" And I was in a bad mood, so imagine lots of sarcasm. I had to repent later.

Me: oh is that so?
Drunk: ya, and you had better watch out.
Me: mmhmm we will do that. (Continues locking up bike)
Me: actually, We aren't JWs.
Drunk: well what are you then?
Me: Mormons sir. (Quoting president Monson)
Drunk:that's even worse! Your church never gave me help.
Me: is that right? Did you ask for it?
Drunk: no
Me: well, i can't see why they didn't help you. We are going to go,
good luck. (Walking away)
Then he starts yelling about how he is going to kill us yada yada yada
We had a good laugh.

So moral of the story, don't drink. The end.

Crazy to see the difference between people I talk to, and Matthew and kai.

It's still true! And I still love you!

Elder Rollins

How many languages are in your mission? 7,  Probably more
So are you in elder Browns zone?  Yes,
How many zones in the mission? 6 English, don't know about other languages,
How many districts in your zone?  like 5,
Is Matthews baptism the 21st?  yes,
Take lots of pictures!  ok,
Are there a bunch of African Americans in your ward?  no not really,
So do you have district meeting every week?  Yes, except for zone meeting week, and that was this week.
What did you teach about this week?  So I taught nothing.
How long do your meetings typically last? 90 minutes
So how has your testimony been strengthened this week?  I prayed to have it strengthened that is how.
How is Matthew?  Wonderful!
You mentioned he has family.  Does he have a wife and children? No he is single.
How old is Kai? 24ish
How is your companion?  Good.  Is he learning quickly? Yes.  Is he homesick? No.

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