Wednesday, July 8, 2015

bad week, nuff said

so, this week was rough, as the dog says and today we are doing deep cleaning and volleyball, so i have no time to write, but let me tell you, its hot. send me a bunch of questions and i will answer

Elder Rollins

What was the lowest point of your week? Everything fell through so no lessons
What was the best point of your week? Church was great with good lessons!
How did you serve someone? We helped some one with a move
When did you feel the spirit? Church and district meeting
When did you laugh this week? All day every day! I'm funny.
How did you brighten someones day? We played basketball with some kids and we helped a lady pack groceries
What are you supposed to be learning from this? Live laugh love
How is your new bike working? It's great!
What is the temperature there? Too hot
What did you do for the 4th of July? Nothing really, had a barbecue.  No fireworks cuz fire danger and drought
Did you do any teaching at all? Not really
How is the new ward? Great!!
Tell me about a member that you like. The Vanwoercams are awesome! They are a young family and it's loud at their house
Is there anything you need? No
What should we pray for so that you can have a better week? Just pray for the missionaries!
What are you deep cleaning? My apartment
Why would you ever tell your mother that volleyball is more important than writing to her? Cause I'm awesome! 

Love you all! Church is true!

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