Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer is Hot!


Yesterday was interviews so that's the reason for the late update, sorry.

anyway this past week was decent we had an adventure that's for sure,  we had a good p-day, we went bowling and i did horrible, everybody was  making fun of me, but tha'ts because basically every time i went the ball went into the gutter, it was embarrassing, we had time for one last game, and i threw seven strikes that game and whooped everybody, pretty sad actually. i just told everyone "i am not left handed!"

Tuesday was a lot of service, every Tuesday we water trees and then after that we went and cut trees down for 2 hours, so lots of service. other than that we found out our one and only investigator is moving, so yet again we are back to square one. yayyy! we also had a lesson with a less active who is ca razy.

Wednesday was alright we biked up the big hill and rode around knocking on peoples doors in blistering heat nobody answered but we are going to make millions on a new diet we discovered, we call it the "sweatsomuchyousweatfat dieting program"

the rest of the week nothing exciting happened except we are planning a luau for the youth, and we are going to be the ones teaching the dances, so we have to learn the dances, its sorta fun! yep, this white guy is going to do the haka, mmhmm.

anyway hope you all had a fantabulous week!

oh yea and just one more thing i saw something that made me sad, there were three kids and one of them was getting straight up bullied, and he was taking it like it was normal. nobody should have to do that. its a good thing i had parents to make sure i never went too far, because this was like slapping and punching in the face.

There is a God, and we are His children, all of us, every single one. and every time we hit or call names or be rude, we are doing that to Christ as well. we all need to keep that in mind, especially me.

love you all!

Church is True!

peace out.

Elder Rollins

Are you tracting in this area?  No, knocking with a name.
When is the luau?  August 8 
Did you get your hump day package?  Yep.  The notes were funny! Food is good, lights are going to be the only
thing we get to see this Fourth of July!
Did you celebrate your hump day?   Yes, sorta, I got a donut
What have you learned in the first half of your mission?  I have finally learned what I am doing, survive, be happy, invite others to come unto Christ!
Do you love the people yet?  Do you love your mission? Most of the time, Yes  It's an acquired taste, but it's better than the world, and I get free dinners. And every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man!  haha And without it, I don't know what would happen to my brothers and cousins if I had made it look like no big deal and not come out, plus I know more about the scriptures than I ever thought I would!  I also have a greater understanding of the Atonement.  Read D&C 31:3-13 to understand how I feel about my mission.

Happy Birthday 'Murica sorry for the creepy angle.

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