Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Twas the best of time, Twas the worst of times

aloha everybody!

hope the week went well! we had lots of fun! so i will go ahead and get started then! 

monday- I transferred in, played basketball, that is about it, oh i forgot to mention that Elder Stutzman is a phenomenal basketball player, and is going to play in college, so naturally i got dunked on.. after that we taught 2 less active lessons! !

tuesday- we did lots of walking, and it was pretty hot, lots and lots of hills. we taught this investigator named Gore. That was interesting, he is a very smart logical man. but spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers, so that is a little barrier. Also taught a family who are completely crazy, like one kid bites, the other one has no awareness of personal space, but hey, its pretty funny.

wednesday- it was really really hot, and humid, so my shirt was sticking to me, that was pretty nasty, we just went around and got introduced to people mostly, but we laughed a lot, 

Thursday= we had district meeting, i am a completely normal missionary! no leadership, its fantastic! the APs. were there. Poor guys they are always really tired.

Friday- was planning which was fun, then we had a lesson with this guy who is an eternagator who would be a fantastic member missionary, he tells everybody he meets that unless they go to church then they will go to hell. he says people dont really like that.

Saturday- the stake had a pioneer day party which was pretty fun. I was in a horseshoe tournament. It's not a very exciting sport. and i walked over and said with a completely straight face, ok, im ready, where are the horses, which caused me to get a fifteen minute lecture on horseshoes and its rich history. it was whatever.

and yesterday we went to church and got fed three meals right after then went and visited more members

so we had a pretty full week! I got to share my testimony and make people smile and we are so ready for some miracles! we talked a less active 18 year old, she says she is now agnostic and says that there are no miracles and that when we die we die and the only way to live on is if somebody remembers you, well well my brothers and sisters, there are miracles, and we live after death, i know it to be true and the only way that you can deny that is by leaving the only way you can leave is denying the book of mormon, so good luck.

Love you all! the church is true! 

Have a good week! write missionaries! k bye!

Elder Rollins 

When did you feel the spirit this week? During a lesson with a less active! She asked about he atonement soooo

What did you do to serve someone? Helped move! 

What frustrated you? Not baptizing

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