Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Madruga Scorpion


hope everybody had a fantastic week! my week was hot! 

so here it is!

on Monday we played some ball, all day, and then went out and worked it was hot.

"I'm tired."
Tuesday was hot as well we even got to wait for a bus for an hour and a half! that was major exciting we taught gore, he looooves movies and video games, everything we say he has a movie or a video game that he talks about! but hey he is still loved! 

on Wednesday we got aa member referral and taught them, they are very nice but very quiet and don't like to pray, especially in public, so that's fun, also we met a Jehovahs Witness guy, that was a long conversation, so yeah, that is that, we also went contacting at a park and played basketball of course, (basically we look for as many ways as possible to use basketball) and we played these guys who weren't the greatest basketball players, after we beat them the third time and they still hadn't scored nobody would play us, so we just chatted with them. they thought we were the guys from the missionary video. i didn't say no. so it was a good day!

Thursday was district meeting so the lesson plans are on a cycle so we had heard the lesson like 8 times, but we still tried to learn! it is kind if fun to know most of the answers though, there is a new missionary in our district so he thinks we all know what we are doing, we fooled him good. we ate lunch with the district too, we eat out too much, but we have members who have apples so I eat lots of those.

Friday we planned, it took a long time because we get really distracted, our closing prayer was just an apology. but that is about all that happened. oh well. 

Saturday we were on exchange, we walked for four hours because nobody is home now that school is about to start everyone is going on vacation. so we got baked. but that's ok! 

Sunday always feels like the hottest day, probably because we are in suits, but we tried to visit some people and brought the sacrament to some old ward members. it was like being at home. except a lot further apart,and no car. 

so that's is it.  I have a funny video that I will send shortly. it was horrible.

well, guess that brings us to the part where I tell you the church is true! because it is! don't get mad at the church because somebody there hurt your feelings, that is just an excuse! so just go do what you are supposed to! forget yourself and put your shoulder to the wheel! Love you all! 

o be wise, what can I say more??

name that scripture!! 
Love you all!!

Elder Rollins 

Do you write in your journal?   Yes, but not as much as I should.
Do you use your other camera at all? Yes
How do you afford to eat out so much? Gift cards and members
When did you feel the spirit this week? Teaching gore about the atonement and the plan of salvation 
What did you do to serve this week?  Helped a lady bring in her garbage 
What is your favorite thing about your new area? Good members 
What is your favorite thing about your companion? We get along no problem 
What is a Madruga Scorpion? It is a really hot pepper, 
So are you saying it is really hot there?  You know that the 80's are not that hot right?  It's hot ok....
Do you have air conditioning in your apartment? Not in our room.

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