Monday, August 24, 2015


hello everybody! this week was pretty good! 

not too much different we have just been focusing on teaching mike becasue his baptism is scheduled for this Saturday! so lots of prayers for him please!!
we had another miracle as well! 

so a little while ago we were walking and there was a creepy guy leaning on his car looking at his phone.  As we got closer he looked up and was like "Yo, when are ya'll gonna teach me that good word?" so right there we set up a lesson with him! Turns out his name is Rudy and he has been in and out of prison and wants to change! and he has a big ole family! super sweet!  We are pretty excited for that.

We also had a member who we haven't ever talked come up and give us a random referral which I thought was pretty cool! so the work is finally kicking! we are doing good! health, still hungry, don't know really what else to say.. 


We took Mike to the temple.  He only owns super colorful Hawaiian shirts so we bought him a white one for his baptism. 


HAVE FUN AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!! but seriously don't waste your time.. be good, it only gets more boring.... don't try to grow up super fast, be good! Live in the moment, I don't know what else to write. The ADD is bad today.... 

K love you all bye!!! 

Elder Rollins 

Later in the day...

Hey mom guess what!?

Happy birthday!
You're the bestest mom in the entire world!

It's ok to make mistakes!
Look how I turned out!

Elder Rollins

Did Dad remind you it was my birthday?
I can't believe Dad had to remind you about my birthday!  Mourning!. 
Sorry... Focusing on the Lord 
Oh no you did not just try to guilt me into forgiving you?   Now you need to tell me 3 reasons why you love me!  
Sorry... Focusing 
Focusing on what? basketball?

Still later in the day. 
You're patient!
You know the importance of cleaning!
You don't quit!

You're MY mother!

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