Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Good, Bad, Fantastic!

Que pasa 
so just letting you know missions are hard! but good always overcomes bad!

First off I am pretty excited because we picked up a new investigator and he will get baptized on the 30 of August! His name is mike and he is pretty cool! He recently went to Salt lake with one of his many Mormon friends and toured around and loved it, bought lots of Utah stuff and even a CTR ring. Also a big triple combination, and he also decided to move down here, to walnut, and his friend called us and said "hey, my friend mike is moving down there in two and a half hours, and he needs your help so here is his number. Let me know how it goes!" Well I personally was pretty stunned, so the whole time it was like, uh huh, yeah ok, ok, so we left and went to his house, helped him unload while he told us all about Salt Lake City and how beautiful it was. Yeah that was pretty fun. Anyway, we set up some lessons with him and he told us that when he gets baptized he wants the friend who called us to do it! So that is fantastic! 

So this week was pretty great! we have had a lot more success than I think we thought we would, but hey I'm ok with that, also we had another miracle where we were walking and down the sidewalk there was somebody staring at us, and when we got a little closer, they ran, so that was weird but then when we got to about where they were there was a girl standing there, holding a book that said Christ on it, pacing back and forth obviously nervous we said hello and she said "HEY" and we both have learned that when someone does that, you should stop, so we stopped and she said that she had some questions, come to find out, her name is Gwendolyn and she is atheist, so we had a good  conversation with her and she said yes to meeting with us! oh yeah. it was great! 

also one of our investigators bore his testimony in class that the church was true and that he wanted to get baptized, now all he has to do is change his living situation and we can dunk him like Jordan. or be washed clean of all of his sins, if you want to get technical, so we are super excited for him! 
On our way to zone conference.

Another fantastic experience was we were eating dinner and I went to the bathroom, the end.

ok just kidding I just thought that was a weird way to start the story, anyway I saw a scale in the corner so I got on and it said 195 pounds, I nearly fainted, I was freaking out, so the next members house we went too I headed straight to the bathroom and sure enough, a dreaded scale, I approached warily, waiting for the horrendous numbers to jump out at me, I got on and was happy to see that I had lost fifteen pounds in less than a day, the only side effects of the broken scale weight loss program is your blood pressure goes up! so besides the scare I am completely healthy! aren't our bodies great!
Weekly planning was rough. 
so in Elder Merrill the youngers' email I laughed at the dog story, and then karma got me. we were walking past a fence and as usual a chihuahua started barking, truthfully I have prayed that we could get some mercy and have those high pitched annoying dogs be silenced, but I'm not daniel, so we endure, and then we realize that we have to get past this tiny devil to get to the door, great, now I have been bitten and attacked by these pests, but I decided that if this thing even came close, I was going to punt the thing into the next lawn, so we get the gate open and I put my hand on the gate, the chihuahua freaks out and goes ballistic and I'm ready to kick it I turn the handle and hear a deafening bark, and a straight up bear comes around the corner and up to the gate. with plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth, so after I picked my heart up off the floor, we decided for the want of still having our legs to just leave a note and come back later. good thing. 

We often find ourselves talking about the most random things for instance a few of them:
the height of clouds
types of feet 
weightlifting bars
ping pong 
and so on... Thank you ADD
in fact at one point I said something admittedly random, but I was able to trace it back to the original conversation and elder Stutzman said "you really do have ADD don't you" ouch..... but its ok I'm over it. 

Well the church is true! still! even though the people in it may not be! 

Love you all! 
don't waste your time on stupid things! 

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