Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Well it was a week!

Pretty busy! We taught Mike a couple times and he is on track! It's good to see! Lots of fun this week especially cause I sprained my knee, don't ask I don't know how! So that means no basketball today, which means I'm upset. But that is not the end of my days of woe. oh no, no because yesterday I burned my fingers, and this is the story...

So it was a blistering hot day, and we had no dinner signed up, so I went through the day anticipating macaroni, again. well everything was going smoothly and we were having fun, finally the much anticipated hour of dinner arrived, we attempted to make it up the stairs with no delirious incidents, the heat had sucked out all my energy, we walked in and the dinner preparation began, I put the pot on the stove after filling it with water, after the noodles went in I just wanted to sleep, I stirred groggily for a little then grabbed the colander, I held it over the sink and proceeded to dump the boiling water on my middle and ring finger, neither of them were happy with me, but I survived, and a blessing in disguise I was very, very awake!
Elder Stutzman and I
That was fun, we had a bunch of good lessons, I can't remember if i mentioned it but we are teaching a less active family who are on and off about church and they are super crazy, like ask us to pick them up and drop them, and playing with scissors, but it keeps us on our toes. 

We are excited for mike! hopefully he gets baptized soon, so life is hard but good! oh, and school is starting today over here. fun fun fun! good luck to the hooligans out there!
Fire up on the hill.  We weren't allowed to go see it.  I asked.

There was an interesting challenge given by the stake president that I would like to give to you! 

The challenge is to get a copy of the book of mormon and then pick a friend or family member, then say a prayer and tell heavenly father that you will be reading this for that person, and grab a highlighter and highlight the things that you think they would need or like or whatever, and give it to them after you have read the whole thing! give it a shot!

well! the church is true! oh yessiree! it is! so share it! think of them as a real brother or sister! it helps! 

love you all!! 

Elder Rollins 

How are things going with Mike?  Great!
How was your meeting with agnostic girl? Still agnostic but agreed to keep meeting
Is there anyone else you have started teaching? No. 
Is time going fast or slow to you at this point in your mission?  Fast
How is your ward?  Good good
I met a man from our stake who grew up in that stake. Weird
How is your companion? Good, Still schooling you at basketball?  yes yeah yeah
Do you know how loved you are? Yes
Do you know how much your Father in Heaven loves you? Yes
Did you go to the doctor about your knee or just self-diagnose?  Nurse diagnosed it.
How did you hurt your knee?  Don't know.  
What did you do for p-day since you couldn't play ball?  Played the uke.
When did you remember you knew how to play the ukelele? Yesterday

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