Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Broken Finger


Well to explain the strange subject, it is because I am 98% sure that broke my finger. Now the real story being way to embarrassing I finally decided on a satisfactory one.

We were biking down a really busy street, and we saw a little family of ducks, we laughed at the wobbly steps of the little babies until suddenly, we heard a loud honking and it wasn't the ducks, it was a bus, full of terrified people, headed straight for my companion, and the ducks, the driver pumped the breaks but to no avail. I pedaled as hard as I could and sending a prayer to heaven launched myself off my bike, it careened into a parked Prius denting the hood horrendously. I rolled and shoved my companion, and the ducklings to safety, as the bus careened past it ran over my finger and slid to a stop. No one was harmed but me. So yeah, I've been dealing with repercussions of that. That's been

This week we set a baptismal date with a guy named John, he is the son of some members, he's pretty cool. He's like fifty something, they are old members. Anyway that's been really good to see.

Other than that nothing really exciting happened.

I guess the truth is that I broke my finger playing foursquare with a bunch of little human Mormons.  So yeah.

Anyway I love this gospel! It's been the only friend that is constantly one hundred percent always there for me, others have tried valiantly and I do appreciate them. But this Friend changes me. For the better hopefully.

Love you all with all my heart!

You're the best! Sure love you!

K bye!

P.s read the Book of Mormon. It helps. I promise.

Elder Rollins

Swollen broken finger
Did you find anyone to teach?   Yes we did!

Is it warming up?  It's getting warm 

When did you feel the spirit this week? I felt it when we were talking about the baptism! 

How is your health?  Is your body starting to feel the wear and tear of the last 20 something months? Mom, I am exhausted.

Really?    Yes,mom exhausted, but I have been sustained by the spirit I guess, my body is doing the best it can. "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" 

You sound like Grandpa Carter.  Are you still sleeping well? Good, he's a good man to sound like. Yeah, it's waking up that's the struggle. 

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