Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Another Transfer Down... Nothing Happened

Knee how

So, this email is going to be pretty short, let me explain why. Yesterday between sessions, (which by the way, were faaaaaantastic) we were biking to a members house, when all of the sudden I had a flat tire, but not just any flat tire. The tube was sticking out from the tire. Yeah, I didn't think it was possible, but it was. We had fifteen minutes to go, with a good 45 minute walk. Unless we caught a bus. We turned and there was one coming fast, so I picked up my bike, put it over my head and ran. Scary thing is I totally fit in here in el Serreno! Anyway my companion bikes ahead and catches the bus so it will wait. I thought we were good, until I realized that we had to walk another mile after the bus dropped us off. And we had like ten minutes till it started. So after getting out of the wonderful air-conditioned bus, I picked up my bike, put it over my shoulder, and started singing Mulan as we walked at hyperspace speed to get there on time.  Finally we made it!  We did miss most of elder hales talk, darn. But we made it, and I was so exhausted, that bike was probably made out of lead. It was terrible. So that is why I'm spending my p day fixing my bike.

But like I said, Conference was great! Loved every second of it, Priesthood was great! Unfortunately, some of the missionaries who I came out with helpfully reminded me that the marriage talks now meant a lot more as that is our "next step" I laughed. I'm still 19. I decided I was going to be a hermit.  I am going to let my family loose me into the wild where I can run free. At least that's what I'm going to tell all those helpful members who asking when we go home, and after us telling say "wow, you don't have very long left, what are you going to do?" Seriously, how do they expect us to serve them when all they tell us is how easy it is to get trunky. Now I know why. But I'm not bitter. Nor am I trunky, actually right now I'm really hungry, I forgot breakfast. Cause laundry. Ugh. Oh well.

Well off to life as I know it!

I love all of you! This Church is for sure the kingdom of God! Don't let tomorrow get you on the way out! Today's a big enough problem as it is!

❤️ you!

Elder Rollins 

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