Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Temple Trip!


Temple trip! Boo yah!   3:45 am? boo! Spiritual? Yah! What does that equal? Boo yah, boo yah. So it was a good end to a long week!

It's hot, so therefore. I am not. Have you ever had a guy in a white shirt dripping sweat with helmet hair try to talk religion with you? It's not pretty. But nonetheless, we did have a good week! Some good people we talk to. John is doing really well! He's going to progress well. But life is never easy, oh no. Don't be deceived! We get so many trials, but they truly are blessing in disguise.

For Example:
It all started when I had to patch a tire for the third time in 2 days. After patching we road into the blistering sun. As my skin reddened and my lips cracked we pulled up to a massive hill. Massive hill. Massive. Literally every time I pass I call it satan. Worst thing. We get to the top, and bike back down after a cold hard rejection to the balmy triple digits. On the way down there is this man, with this wife/girlfriend. And they are not happy with each-other. No no. So as we pass, I say hello. All of the anger directed at each other now switches to us,  we are the reason their lives are hard. So they yell at us. But that's ok. Better broken bikes and  bruised pride than broken marriages and relationships, so if yelling insults at us is what brings them together, so be it. It is worth taking the brunt of the attack because behind them was their little boy playing with a light saber. And that little boy, deserves the same chance I got with parents who don't fight with each other. So if his parents need to yell at someone I will gladly take that. Besides. I don't even speak Spanish. So that was a blessing in disguise.

Now a funny story.

So, we are driving to the temple and we are going to be late, so when we finally get there they tell us five minutes until the session, so naturally I just hurry and fill out the slip to get the pants and tie and such, and I go and try to put them on. I say try because the pants were three sizes to small, but I prevailed, seams popping, skin tight white pants. And it's a good thing the white socks are long. It made me sit ramrod straight so I was very attentive. I have never been so happy to be in suit pants. Rough.

Oh well! Because it was all still ringing true! Ahh, the spirit is a wonderful companion, I suggest you keep him close. Not that I am a pro. But you know.

Love you all!

Elder Rollins

How is John?  Doing great
How is your finger? Still hurts

In my letter this week, I told Josh about our new bishopric that was put in on Sunday and about Jonathan getting his learners permit.  

It's sad to hear that bishop stone is out but the new bishopric sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Anyways, speaking of weird, when did everybody start growing up? That is totally not cool. I'll send the weekly letter soon just responding to let you know today was temple day, my last one. Holy cow.... I'm coming home...... Anyways. Peace

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