Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hello Everybody! Elder Rollins weekly update! but first! a funny story!

It all started when i heard about the Orange Juice.... Dreaded among fellow MTC students.... I approached this case with a sense of masculinity and not wanting to get my man card cut up... "bad things happen when you drink the orange juice" they said.. i was the chosen one... i approached the drink stand... a cold sweat running down my neck..... an old lady falls over. i helped her up. i approach the drink stand with a renewed sense of urgency... i grab the cup. i begin shaking.. i see the label.... ORANGE JUICE... the cup begins the decent... closer closer closer.. crap.... i dropped it.... i pick it up. i push the thingy majig. i feel the coldness through the glass. i bring it to my lips. mouths all around are agape.... and i promptly spill all over myself.... but i focus on the mission. i get the sip...... oh the wretched man that i am....( that was for grandma Rencher) i hear thunderous applause in my head... and laughter in the real world.... "he wont last the night" "doomed DOOMED DOOOOMEDDDDD"  i walk outside.... and suddenly my face hits the stomach of a 6 foot 10 poly. i promptly return to the residence to change my underwear. i trip down the stairs on my way out.... i can hear the Orange Juice laughing at me from the inside.... it comes out in a MEGA burp...... woww Ethan would have been proud...... I advance through the day.... the curse lingers...... tripping. shoes don't seem to stay tied. blister. sneeze super loud during a prayer. by the end of the day. i want to crawl into a corner and rock gently whilst in the fetal position.... future missionaries.... BEWARE THE OJ........ Bewareee bewarreeeeeeeeeebewarreeeee.....

so my week was eventful!!! to say the least!!! but i enjoyed it and the spirit was strong as ever!!! laundry stinks... literally... and can't wait to get out into the field! this will be the last message from the MTC... next time i will be a real missionary.... time is already going to fast!!

Part 2 
my schedule is super busy i never get any nap time.

my teachers names are brother usevitch and bro gigena they teach exactly the same and both of them think im funny so i like them both.

i had a real investigator named jessica buttars. but we don't get to teach her anymore. i think she is actually a recent convert because she said some things that i hadn't told her yet.. weird. 

right now it is just me and elder strickland. the others left. and only Elder strickland is going with me.

i have met Sister Thatcher she is pretty cool and laughs at my jokes so shes obviously going to be a great missionary.
i've loved my district and comp.! we have had so much fun and we always brought the spirit!
I told you about the time that we were giving a sister a blessing and after the blessing i had a prompting to go tell her that her Dad loves her and is proud of her. her dad died of cancer a few years ago so naturally she burst into tears..... whoops. but the spirit was like a brick wall it was so thick! 

we don't know the time of our flight we get the tickets on the bus there but i will call home and it will be early in the morning so be prepared! 

I have already packed i am soooo excited! i just want to get out there and get rejected a ton and then find that one person that makes all the failures go away! 

the hardest part about the mtc is all the sitting.. the chairs are not so comfortable so i end up with a rather sore tush! but all the learning makes up for that. 

whats a journal? yes i have been!  ( I asked if he had been writing in his journal)

I got all the packages and they were extremely "Darling", delicious and enjoyed! everyone is so nice! 

i loved the pictures! but those better not be the last! 

i felt the most discouraged when Jessica would not pray. but i got over it and realized that i am not the one teaching. i invite the spirit then my job is to open my mouth. this is His work.... not mine... 

i haven't been homesick really. i am only 45 minutes away. we will see how it is in Cali.

love you all!!!

gma and tricia i ran out of time to write you back.  i will write next week... love you!

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