Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 1

(Note: Thank you ipad for autocorrect so there is at least a little bit of punctuation and capitalization. The rest of the errors are all his!)  

Hellooooo!! The flight went well! But I have not received any packages because I have been working sooooo hard. Anywho, here is my week. I got off the plane and their were Asians EVERYWHERE. Then they take me up to some short Mexican guy who's English is rough and says this is president v.... And the rest I didn't understand. Then they put me in a truck where I had to hold my eyes open to stay awake and we talked about the mission and the World Cup (good work Germany) and guy stuff. 

Then we were at this chapel and we got interviews and then began the greenie initiation. Where we got our I pads and tapcards (tap cards are credit cards that get us on buses) then the trainers solemnly came in with epic hymns playing behind them and walking all slow.... No.... Wait.... They were just a bunch of regular kids. Boooooring. We then begin sorting... I sit in anticipation. Where will I be?. Not slytherin. Not slytherin. Boyleheights! Yes ladies and gents, my trainer is elder coontz and we begin in Boyle heights. Aka. The ghetto. Well we head out to where home base is. Which is in the bishops back yard next to an awesome swimming pool. Shoot me. But that's not all. I put my bag down. Take of my coat and elder coontz says let's go. What theeeee? So we walk into the ghetto...and talk to an investigator named Charles. He is progressing and has just moved back in with his mom. Which is out of our area. Dad gum. Oh ya I forgot .Elder coontz is from Tennessee in the land of Memphis. Ain't no rest for the wicked. Anywho. Nobody else answered their door so we went home and I crashed.

The next day we went through the schedule did some comp study personal study worked out etc. Then we went back out. Jeez time flies. Day 2 elder coontz tells me I have to talk to scary angry people on the bus. Yay. So I do. And they tell me the government is spying on me with the cameras from my I pad. Shoot. We go around to members introducing myself and such and then just before we go home we go to an investigators named Emily's and her bf named Christian. Christian isn't home so we just stand on the doorstep and talk. I bear testimony feeling pretty good and then we leave and start walking back. 

 Then some old guy starts talking to us. And I feel sick inside. He asks what our mission is. I stupidly say Arcadia. (Idiot) he's like no your mission. I say invite others to come unto Christ. He says BS and is asking questions and being stupid. So we leave and he calls us the devil and then it hit me hard..... as the stupidest thing I have ever heard! I literally laughed. We yelled goodnight and went home jauntily on our bus. (Not in icky gross stuff from the sewer) gross elder Merrill!  (Explanation: His ward friend Elder Merrill described his mission in the Philippines and mentioned that when it rained the sewer "vomited" up onto the streets and everywhere else)

Our home.

Our room.

Anywho the rest of the week was introducing and talking and teaching!! Lots of fun spiritual stuff!! I got to use my sign language and attempt to speak to a deaf man this week.  I was clumsy but oh well.  Lots of Asians in my area. We are the only English speaking missionaries out of 8 missionaries. (He says in another email that all the rest of the 8 are speaking Chinese) 

Everybody thinks that it's hilarious that I've only been out for a week for some reason. But I don't care! I know that the only opinion that matters is Gods and mine about myself. 

That's the week! Love you all!

Elder Rollins

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