Monday, July 28, 2014


Sorry this is late!  I was out of town this week and didn't get this posted as quickly. 

"I, Nephi"
So obviously I'm a lotta bit tired! Sall good though! Because it is recharge day!! 

So Tuesday, we have a new missionary meeting. For 7 hours. ADD don't do 7 hours. So I was coherent probably for 5 of those. The last 2, Which happens to include the role play in front of everybody, I was a little restless. And it seems that I have 1 song stuck in my head. And that song is "ain't no rest for the wicked". (Btw, this is a LIE! They are wayyyy more rested than us. And I am pretty wicked.) anywho, to make it more spiritual because resistance was futile, we changed the lyrics. (There ain't no rest for the weary baptisms don't grow on trees. I got doors to knock and miles to walk. And there's nothing I can do) which kinda helped but also didn't. Anyway. That was a long day.

Wednesday. President interviews. Oh joy. Now at this time I would like to mention that my "hilarious" companion thinks it's funny to tell the APs every time we talk to them that I need a leadership position. Not cool. I have no idea what I'm doing and everyone in the district is either a zone leader, an AP, or a sisters trainer leader. Anyway, we go to the interviews. (In a galaxy far far away) and sweat on the couch waiting our turn. (I'm pretty sure you could wring sweat out of the couch cushions) finally it's my turn. I begin my epic entrance. And promptly almost fall on my face... WHYYYYY MEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm surehe was thinking "Dis wan needs help". (Spanish accent. Dad you're good at this one. So is Brandon)  well he asks about how I'm doing and my family and whatever. Bleh blah Bleh. Then we wait for a bus for an hour and a half and go to work. Then it was just a hot day.

Thursday. District meeting, good lesson. Got rid of some problems (by writing them down and destroying them maliciously) good  meeting. Then all of our lessons fall through. That was not fun.

Then Friday. A couple lessons fall through. 

Then Saturday, I'm super tired and we go out finding after our ward mission leader (who hates us for some reason.) tells us to do better. Low blow so now I have the spirit of contention and we head out for the day while I have to get images of me beating the snot out of him out of my head. Hard because I didn't want to. 

Then Sunday Alice and Joseph don't want to go to church... So with barely controlled anger.. We turn around and then tell them to get dressed because they are going to church. Only Alice went but 1 is better than none. 

Exhaustion.... But I will live!! From the immortal words of that 1 lady. I will survive. And so will you! Church is true people! Preach the gospel always! And if necessary use words!! Smile. Live long and prosper! May the force
(spirit) be with you! Love you all! Peace! Quotes of the week:Rosa Parks: no. Vader: NOOOOOOOOO. urinal in bathroom: just say no. Invictus: I thank whatever God may be, for my unconquerable soul.
Elder Rollins

Here are the questions I asked and he answered...

How would you describe mission life?  Mission life is faced paced but good! 
Who do you play basketball with? We play with the zone leaders usually, and whoever else wants to play! 
Where do you do your laundry? Laundry is done at the bishops house cause swag. 
How do you find most of your investigators? We get tons of referrals,
Is your room a mess? My room is not messy. And not clean.
Did Alice and Joseph come to church? What about Emily and Christian? Alice came to church. Joseph didn't. Emily and Christian still haven't responded.
Who is this investigator who has a lung problem? What is the problem and what do we need to pray for? Her name is Erin. She has some disease that kills her lungs. I dunno the story I've met her 1 time. sorry dawg.
Did you teach some lessons this week and how did the lessons go? ya we tried to teach. The ones we actually did teach went well!! Good stuff ya.
How many miles do you ride in a day? Are you able to handle it? A lot. It's not too bad. There are lots of hills.

Random pictures...

Love the ghetto!

"My companion is a little trunky., Get it? Trunk?"

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