Monday, July 21, 2014

Onward ever onward

Hello everybody!! Had a tougher week! Lots of looking for new investigators. Not to successful. But still having fun! Well you know, as much fun as you can have in the ghetto! The week started out good had a few lessons on Monday and Tuesday but then Tuesday night one less active texts and says he has found another church. Then asks to be removed from the church lists. We tell him we can't and say it would be a mistake. He says don't make me call the authorities. We laugh and tell him to call whoever he likes and that he has to remove them himself. He hasn't talked to us since. 

Our view. 
Then this 20 year old girl who is waiting for new lungs is not doing to well. Our 2 baptismal dates almost fell through because they were fighting. But we literally taped pictures of Jesus to their chests and literally told these 87 and 90 year old adults that if they had nothing nice to say to not say it at all... Mom and Dad, I know for a fact that I sounded like these two. And I am sorry you had to sit through it so many times. I almost bit my tongue at them. But contained myself.... Lucky for me. 

My area
Then we biked ten miles to turn around and ride back to Alhambra . But I remembered Elder Merrill walking through sewage. And laughed it off. It's a good thing I can laugh or this would never be fun!!!

My transportation for the next 2 years
I've taught elder coontz how to sign a little and we sign to each other on the bus about the smelly hobos... Who constantly ask for money. I told one guy he couldn't buy alcohol and he said he didn't want the money then. So I told him to find a job. So I guess the spirit of contention was working hard. But there is opposition in all things.

We managed to pick up 2 new investigators! Woo who! So the work continues! And I am still glad to be here and still having fun!! I am learning patience! Which is good! And bad.... But mostly good!

Now for the happier story! We go to a less actives house. They open the door and say "hello!
Sogladyoucouldmakeitsitdownhereisasodawhatdyahaveforustoday?" Now I was just sitting there enjoying my soda and then I hear "Elder Rollins is going to give you a message" my amazing answer was something along the lines of "uhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaa let me open up the Book of Mormon real quick" in the meanwhile the nonmember wife says "this should be good he is right from Utah"... Greaaaaaaat thanks....... So I said a prayer and begged for help. I opened up the scriptures and said in personal study this morning I read a scripture that says "wherefore can ye doubt" and said that Nephi was saying this to his wicked brothers when an angel had come and they had seen all these signs. And then I said that when we receive signs of what we should do we should not ignore them. Simple simple thing to say... He bursts into tears and says this is exactly what I needed to hear. I have had these signs and have still been questioning. I said like 40000000000 prayers of thanks. And he committed to come to church. Which he did. So morale of the story is THE CHURCH IS TRUE! 

Now go do some missionary work! Love you all! Have a good week! You are loved! And I love you too! Mostly
because it's a commandment and I have too! Jkjk love you lots............... K bye.

Elder Rollins

Here are some of the answers to the questions I have asked him.  

Tell me about your ward. 

It's a chinglish ward... They say the sacrament prayers in both languages!! Weirddddddd. The ward is small and it's kinda hard to communicate the WML (Ward Mission Leader) is focused on the Chinese missionaries. But we get fed better than the Chinese so it's all good! 

Tell us who to pray for and what they need.
ok so Christianand Emily stood us up for church so they need to come and Alice and
Joseph the old people also need to come to church! Those are the main
ones I'll keep you posted.

I can't believe you unfriended me on facebook.  What do you use fb for?
I unfriended you because it's the rules! We talk to investigators when they move away on fb.

Did you get your 2 packages? I sent a greenie one and the one with your camera adaptor. It show that it was delivered to the mission office on Thursday. 
Loved the greenie package! Yummy! Ok I'll look for it! Ring?? 

You said you play basketball on p-day.  Where do you play?  
We play basketball at the south Pasadena building because our gym is carpet. 

What is the strangest thing you have eaten?
Chicken feet. You bite off the toes and spit out the bones. I choked. Coughing. And weird breathing. But I didn't want to offend. So I made it seem like laughing. Darn chickens.

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