Monday, April 6, 2015

Aaaahhh. Finally P-hours. (Shorter than a whole day)

Well, it's the week of joe joes birthday! Happy birthday kiddo! You're super old!

This week was good because of conference! We mostly watched conference at the church except one of east Pasadenas investigators did have us over for a huge breakfast, and that was way fun.  We did have one crazy crazy lesson this week.

So first of all we tried calling this lady lots of times and her mom would answer and yell at us about how she was a troubled child and she didn't know us yada yada yada,.Anyway we finally get a hold of her and she invites us over in an hour and a half. So we bike on up and knock at the door, her entire family has smoker voices and we hear "who is it?" We tell them who we are and then Sandra comes around the corner, we shake hands and she crawls onto this big chair on her porch really weird. She precedes to tell us she knows all about the Mormons, when we ask her how she says she has already been baptized.  We ask when, she says billions of years ago, we rolled with it and asked what we could do to help her.  She then tells us that she needs a "Book of Mormons", a "black Book of Mormons", and a "black translation book" to understand the Book of Mormons. (Yes she was black) Now I was just lost and trying really hard to understand what she was talking about. We ended pretty quickly and left but not before she asked us to bring her an avocado and a plum. Very specific. I was a bit confused. But it was good!

Conference was wonderful, except for the sustaining vote, now I'm going to tell you that I KNOW that those men are inspired servants and witnesses of our Savior, they are led by Him and I know that as we
heed their council we will be safe. When I heard those apostates yelling their "Opposed" my heart broke, those men give 100% of their time to us. Then we precede to try to tell them what the Lord "should" be saying. It is absolutely ridiculous.  If you have let satan blind you with your own pride, please take a different perspective, stop
looking for what is in it for you or what is good for you. This Church will not change because you think it should be run your way, this is His church, Christ's church, our King, our Redeemer, take your complaints up with him. Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. Satan is out there. You are vulnerable. That is a fact. But we have a Brother who will never leave the ledge, and will grab our wrists as soon as we jump with faith. Do not be fooled into thinking that you will survive the drop, YOU WILL NOT, there is only one way and that is by Christ.  And Christ reveals His gospel through the Prophets! Those men will and do die for us. Show some respect at least. Ask God if what they say is true. Don't try to get attention. My favorite part of conference is how none of the general authorities said anything about it, I was for sure Elder Bednar would throw down, but they ignored them like flies, They are Christs Apostles and we should treat them as such. Never doubt that.

I love you all! You are the best! Keep making the world go round and be a light!
Do a dance.

Elder Rollins

How many sessions did you get to see?   All

How went the teaching this week?   It was alright,

When did you laugh?  All day every day!

When did you feel discouraged?  All day every day!

How was your Easter?  I didn't get my package, so it was sad. In my defense it was there on Wednesday he just didn't pick it up!

Did you go somewhere for dinner? Yes to a members house for a "Utah" dinner. Meaning jello 

Do you work with less actives in your ward? Yes

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