Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hello! Hope this week was a good one!

We went to the temple which is the reason for the delay, sorry, but not really cause temple.

Also happy bday to Grandma and Con-man! Ya'll the bestest!

Well this was another tough one, seems there is a pattern. But alas I survived, but of course great things come from trials, Satan just didn't want me to go to the temple. We got a member to take us to Costco, out of all things, Costco made me the most trunky on my mission so far... Weird. But I got lots of food. So 'twas a good week.

On a less happy note I got 2 flat tires within thirty seconds of each other, while I was pumping them up. Not a happy camper.

But now for the real best part, I figured out, while in a unhappy moment, that math is of the devil. I always knew it, and they all doubted! Muahahahaha!!! See because when Satan was tempting Eve, he said that if they wanted to MULTIPLY they would have to eat the fruit!   Therefore of the devil. Ok, done.

But on a serious note, while going to the temple, I realized that we practically have the house of the Lord on our doorstep, but we do not go enough. And we use the excuse that we are busy, but Christ wasn't too busy to take your name through the temple of Gethsemane, so maybe we should, take more time to visit his house. Just a commandment.

Well, I'm sorry nothing to exciting has happened recently but something will come up. It always does.

Love you all! Return with Honor! Remember who you are!

Elder Rollins

Who went to the temple today?   Zone

Did you see Sister bell yet?     Nope

How is Matthew doing?       Really Good.

How is your comp holding up?   He's still smiling.

Where will you watch General Conference?  The Stake Center

Why did Costco make you trunky?  And how long were you down?  I don't know, maybe the familiar food.  About 5 minutes.

Did you laugh this week?  When? Jes  when my tires popped, oh and I forgot to mention that my lights
got stolen, I tried to forget about it. I laughed then too, also can I
get like 40$ for bike lights, just As a side note.

Did you get your bike fixed? Sort of, until it broke this week.

Have you seen the new church video "Because of Him"? Yes, I love that video! 

Rumor has it you aren't allowed on facebook anymore.  True or False? For the time being, we are supposed to get it back.
All recovered from your bike accident? Of course!

When did you feel the spirit this week? When we bore testimony after watching the Because He lives Video.

Do you know that you are so loved and supported here at home? Yes

View of LA from the Temple

The Temple

Me and My Boss

These Thug Shorts have lions and flowers

The District Band: Elder Slade, Elder Blair, Elder Me, Elder Pixton 

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