Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Book of Rollins Chapter 1 v. 2

And now behold, I Rollins do make an account of the week, and behold I did not desire to type to the end of days for behold my fingers would become weary, and it came to pass that we did have much tribulation and yea there was much laughing and gnashing of teeth, and behold we did name our days "the struggle bus" and behold all were aboard the struggle bus, yea bikes did break, therefore our minds were much troubled and we did lose them and know not where to find them, wherefore we did press forward with much diligence and more silliness and behold we did watch our brother Slade pack for many days and nights. And I make an end of this account.

Yes, I believe that verse about sums it up, if you get a chance to read the book of Rollins avoid at all costs.

Hope all is well!!!

So some happy birthdays! Megan and Isaac! Happy birthday to you! I hope you get lots of cake! Also a happy birthday to the uncle of Andrew, don't get too old now, I have to beat you at ball when I get back. And of course last but absolutely not least Grandma Carter, I think that she is officially at grandma level super hero.

So this week we taught George and Carolina and they both came to church with their kids, so we are excited for them, so this week was better because of that, also we had a service thing where the stake gathered food for food pantries and we got to wear the Mormons helping hands shirts, but all they had was a triple x for me, it was great,
and we had fun with that.
He says with a XXL shirt he fits right in where he is.  I guess they wear baggy clothes. 

Also there is an amazing young squire his name is John and he has special needs and he is the greatest, his dad was a mission president so he loves missionaries and he always says "Elders! Wassup!?" And President Huff (his dad) says that he was for sure the most popular person in their mission. He is amazing, but this week I wanted to talk about him because he was asked to say a pray, nothing out of the ordinary, and he stood up and started to pray, and I couldn't understand anything he said, but he was really having a conversation. And I have never felt the spirit more during a prayer. So that is my thing today, pray for real.

So next week is probably going to be a long email so be prepared! I don't know why just got that feeling, hopefully full of good news!

Church is true!

Elder Rollins

So did Elder Slade get off?   Yep he gone! 
How are you and Elder Taylor getting along? Yep!
Any progress with Carolina and George? Si, they came to choich.
How is Matthew?  Has he blessed the sacrament? Good he hasn't yet.
How is your attitude? Good,
Do you love the people of PAsadena yet? Working on it  
How is your patience?  Are you learning a lot about it?  Doing much better! Oh yes,
How did District meeting go this week? What did you teach about? Went really well, revelation through the Book of Mormon.

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