Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hello Everybody

Well well well!

Yesterday was great! Good to see all your mugs! Especially yours mother! Love you lots thanks for being my mommy and letting me leave. It will be harder when joe leaves because he's your favorite. Or Alex. Just not the oldest three. Anyways

This week was pretty eventful! We had some quality lessons with a lot of less actives! Had some pretty good lessons with this thug who's name is Bandit. Cause can't give us real name. So sick he's less active but really wants to come to church, the thing is, you can leave the hard life, but it won't leave you. Misery loves company! But he is doing well and we are trying to help him stay active! He's a good man.

So real quick I'll give you some good stories

Ahem 😎

And it came to pass, that in the 22 month of the reign of the Rollins, in the ward of the Pasadena in the land southward, we beheld a great and marvelous sight. Behold a choloite did beckon us saying "behold my Mormon brethren" and we said unto him, "greetings hast thou seen youthful men such as us, wearing such wondrous ties? And he said "yea, and I didst speak unto them many words, yea I did call them to remembrance of their devilish ways, and their lyings, and their secret combinations" and we said unto him "behold thou dost know nothing concerning the actions of our brethren, for behold a marvelous work is about to come forth among the children of men" and he said "dawg, dost thou think I'm trippin?" And we said unto him "yea for behold, the shorts saggeth so far as to make speed impossible for thou shouldst surely trip." And he did say many things unto us concerning our appearance and our intelligence, and it came to pass that we did depart from the street merrily, for behold, I wouldst rather be persecuted for righteousness sake than loved for the worlds sake.

So that was fun! Basically just living the dream, and I'm not even mad! We had a grand adventure this week, next week is transfers, no idea if I'm staying or going, probably far far away on judeas plain. Or something like that!

Just letting you know I love you all!

Almost as much as the gospel! Your getting there! Keep going! 

Love you see you miss you! To quote myself at age 3

The church is true, the book is blue, and so is the ocean.

That was deep🐙

Elder Rollins

Why are my oldest three not my favorites?  Because we all know it, it's ok we've accepted it 
You are delirious.  And wrong.  I love you all!  The favorite changes hour by hour.  My bet is if you were to ask your brothers they would say you are the favorite now.  You are never in trouble.  You tell me you love me.  You write my fun letters,  You bear your testimony to me....  Yeah yeah sure sure That's right I'm perfect 
Whatever.  You ate my candybar. (during our phone call he pulled out a candybar and said the ward gave it to him for his mother.  And then he proceeded to eat it in front of me.)
Whatever, You pawned off my room!  not just your room but all the contents.  I was thinking of not sending you much of a birthday package because buddy,  we are going to need to go shopping when you get home.  
No worries, I was going to tell you not to send something anyway, It would just end up coming home two weeks later so no point. 
True that.  I will send you something edible.  That won't last long at all!   Hehe good one
I am the funny one, remember? Nope seem to have forgotten!
Memory loss is a sign of old age.  So sad old man. 

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