Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Still Alive

So this week was pretty good! Had quite the week!  I have to tell you about a lesson that we had! So we were teaching Edgard, and he asked us about Ruth and Naomi and I told him their story, during the story it seems he got kind of bored so I spiced it up by saying that they cooked someone up and ate him, he woke up after that. Hehehe I laughed pretty hard. Elder Shumway looked at me like I was psycho but I'm pretty used to that by now!

So momsies day is coming up! So make sure you have some good questions! Because I forgot how to talk to you normal humans. I don't know what else happened this week..... Oh! I was on exchanges in East LA! So ghetto, love it. And I was walking and playing my ukulele, we were walking past this guy in his beat up old van, and he yelled for us to come over, there was this lady (his mom) in the drivers seat and a massive bottle of vodka in his lap, she immediately starts throwing out rapid Spanish but I got the idea she wanted me to sing, the drunk guy confirming my suspicions asked me to sing some heavy metal song. Yep, the white guy in east la with a Uke. Don't drink..... Anyway he asks me to sing this song and I say I don't know that one. He said ok will you play me a song. And so I told him that it was churchy song and asked if that was ok. The mom yelled Si like 12 times and told me to play. So I sang them When I Am Baptised. Figured drunk people still get subliminal messages. After I finished they gave me a round of applause and then the mom in broken English literally begged us for a card and our info. And where we go to church. I replied in broken Spanish and she got so excited. She tried to tell me about how her son was struggling and how she needed help, I told her I understand and we went on our way after giving them all the info we could. Times like those that make missionary work look easy!

So it was a pretty good week! Looking forward to many more! Love you all and pray for you always! Smile! Be wise! Talk to you soon!

Elder Rollins

Well well dearly beloveds! Email 2! We gather today to talk about the mission of the well known Mormons. Mormons, Mormons is what brings us togever, today.

No idea why I just did that, but I can do what I want. I have agency that's burning a hole in my pocketses. Figured I'd spend it wisely!

Anyway, so I just wanted to add to this week another experience! This one is a little more spiritual! So mom will enjoy it, and grandma. Don't know why girls like that sappy stuff. I knew they were related to trees.

That was weird 🌳 forgive me, I will branch out in my jokes.  I'm sorry again.🌿 I'll leaf you alone. Darn, sorry sorry. 🐶I'm just barkin mad.  Crap, at least I'm not trunky. ✈️  Dadgummit.  🤐

So the experience goes as follows!

I was biking, we do that a lot. And we were going to a lesson with John, and as we were going up another big hill and I was trying to keep my lungs in my chest, I was thinking about what a good guy he was and how I was just so frustrated he wouldn't come to church, so I decided I would let the Lord do His work and I will just follow. So we went into the house and when he opened the door I just knew that Heavenly Father loved Him, and that in His own time he would push him. John just wasn't ready yet. And it's not my job to tell the Lord how to do the work. So I just let John know we cared and that we could be patient. He seemed very relieved and a weight visibly left him. It's good to work for a perfect being.

Anyway so that's the spiritual side of the week, don't know why it got put on the back burner but consider this repentance so it gets an email all alone!

Now I can testify that He really loves you! And you may not know why! But he really does! Believe me there are people here who have done things only heard of in movies and books. And yet they can still  change. What greater miracle than seeing someone access the atonement!? And we thought life was hard. Ha

Love you all with all my heart might mind and strength, I'm just lettin the Lord use it for a while! After all, I have a very large debt to Him!

How are you repaying?

K bye!
Elder Rollins

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