Monday, May 23, 2016


Hello everybody!

So this week was pretty good! Went by really fast, really fast. But that's good I guess. We had a couple lessons with John he is doing well just taking his time which is good.  We are getting excited for the mission tour this week! Another seventy. It's been an exciting little while here. Waiting for the world to change. But it doesn't help to wait, usually better to try to help it move along.

So the story for this week!

We were out biking, we do that a lot. And my left crank, pedal leg, whatever you call it, decided to abandon ship. So I coasted around until we could get the bikes home, then we bussed until the next day when we borrowed another elders bike, which his back tire was in terrible shape, so lo and behold it popped, twice. So we borrowed another elders bike and so far it has survived. Poor bikes, can't take these leg muscles.

Seriously though I have like two pairs of pants that are alive and operational, three if I'm careful. Shirts are gray and brown but so are the pants so I match alright. Body is still white. Lots of scars. Seriously, I thought snowboarding or mountain biking, maybe lacrosse, football, wrestling with brothers, would leave scars. No. It's moving old ladies, biking as close to the curb as we can and getting attacked by bushes. Basketball psychos, dogs, bike pedals hitting your ankles. Yet I'm happy as can be. Weird. Seems like this world isn't all that life is about. Huh, weird. 

Speaking of weird. I realized this week that my little brothers are old. Huh. And I got a picture of my cute little sassy kassie. All grown up. Therefore, I am mad at all of you for being all grown up. That's ok though it was bound to happen eventually.

Anyways, I decided this week as well that I would be sealed. Yep sealed to the church. Never to depart, too many people leave. Not good. The world is not happy. It's a lie. Drinking isn't fun. Swearing isn't cool. 

Why is it so hard to smile? I think everybody should smile! It's good to smile. Don't judge, that's for God. Exercise is good, food is good, family is good, God is Good, nature is good, beds are good, batman is me, freedom is good, lint rollers are key, chocolate milk is divine, music can be good. So why be sad? I think we should be happy. I know we should be happy just ask nephi!

Make someone smile this week!
Go make a goofy face
Go down a slide
Make up a song
Write a poem
Go give somebody a big hug
Embrace your awkwardness

Don't get too stressed. It makes you grumpy then you honk at the bicyclist. Remember remember, the world is not the droid you're looking for.

I love you all! Have a good week! Be good! Do your best but don't be stressed!

Elder Rollins

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