Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Hello fellow human beings, I bet your wondering why I gathered you together today. Or why I just said that. It's a mystery that will stump this guy forever.

So this week was chuck full. Seriously though, met like 3 guys named chuck. That's a lot seeing as we had a big ole mission tour. And who did this great elder galvaret or however you spell it pick for his helper. That's right, me. What did I do? I cut an apple. Yep basically a pro, oh and it was a dull knife so it was harder than it looked. But
I was told that that was the last time I'd see a lot of my mission homies. So that was sad. Also got a big slap in the face when my dinner calendar showed my last month. Ca, Ray, Z. But I've got a while till that happens so no problemos here.

Anyway I do need to tell you this story, I was on exchanges and this guy calls us while we were in a lesson and leaves a message. After we get out of the lesson we get in the car. Yep a car. Crazy. And we listen to the message. And this man on the phone sounds completely nuts.  He tells us that he needs us because he's about to commit suicide and saying stuff about John Smith and how he needs us right now. Anyway we drive to the address he gives us and lo and behold it's a member who thinks he's funny, and to put it to boot, he just needed help lifting a 250 pound fountain. That had no definable shape. It could be described as a pear with tumors. And of course, they have never done this before but they figured since we are the elders we can figure it out. So then we get put in charge. And since I was more "experienced" suddenly I was an expert on putting in fountains. So what did I do. I put in the fountain, was it pretty? Nope. Would you have died laughing? Guaranteed. Did I hurt myself? Of course. Is the fountain working? Does the sun set in the west? Boo yah.

Anyway so that was pretty fun. The ward here knows us pretty well and three of us serving in the ward go home in June. And so the ward has taken it upon themselves to make sure we die before dying. Some try over feeding. Others heavy objects. Others random problems that the elders can for sure fix. Sometimes they almost convince me I know how to do things I've never done. It's a good thing I know that I can pray. Would you like to see a typical state of the art elder Rollins prayer? Here it is. "Hello Heavenly Father, it's me again. I just found out I'm moving a heavy fountain. And installing it. They say it's not too hard. But as you know, I've never done it. Please don't let me die. Thanks."  That's about how it goes, sometimes depending on the situation it's more like holysmokesheavenlyfatherthisroadisreallybumpyandbrakesarebrokenpleaseletmestop!

Anyways, now real quick I have a story to tell, we are teaching a wonderful old couple who just can't make it too church because they are too old. But the dead little wife told us just before we left last time that she had a terrible time forgiving people. She said she didn't like to forgive people. I could see in her eyes her hurt being pulled between being Christlike and getting Justice. Now being batman (haha), I've studied justice. And Justice usually requires that one person ends up not getting what they want, and everybody getting what they deserve. Debts, have to be paid. 

I sat back down and we started talking and she brought up how she had been hurt by a close friend and how it drove a wedge. She had vocally forgiven her friend. But hadn't done it in her heart. So she didn't talk to them anymore. I prayed hard to know what to tell her and I thought about a billion scriptures and stories but one stuck out. I told her how the Savior forgave his captors while on the cross. Because he understood, he was there only a few hours before. Feeling what they felt, knowing what they knew. So I told this wonderful strong sister to hand it over and stop trying to do things by herself. Jesus is the one who paid the debt and we just need to give him the numbers. He already paid for this pain. Why hold on to an empty check? She told us later in the week that she was handing it over piece by piece. Learned a lot about humility.

Well! It's off to the races again! Can't believe the next time I write I will be in June! Best month ever cause... born!

Love you all so much! Byeeeeee!

Elder Rollins

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