Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello from South Pasadena, Again.

So, south Pasadena, me and elder Shumway, round four. Must have done something wrong... Heh jokes, guess they just want this area to die, but that will not happen while I am here.

This week was pretty packed, people getting taught and getting dropped, random moms asking if we can take their daughters to prom, yeah right, I did my time. The craving of a chocolate doughnut. So weird. Trying to guess people languages and yelling out a greeting. Fun stuff.

It was decided that at this point in the mission we are senile. I don't know how because I've never been to Egypt. Heh. But in our old age we have still been able to bike up the steep hills, slower. But still go up. Anyways, I have to tell you another story because I can, if you don't want me to that's too bad.

Well we were visiting bandit, he's a homie, I love him to death. And he showed me the greatest example of Christlike love I have ever seen. So he and his daughter have gotten rather attached, so naturally they were super stressed about transfers so we committed them to come to church, and they did, and we told them that were were staying and they were super happy, but the miracle comes after church. We went by their house, just to see them and tell them we aren't lying. And he tells us of how he knew Edgard before when Edgard was struggling and not a happy or nice guy.  Then Bandit tells us how he had seen him in class at church, baptized and answering questions. He said he got so excited and so happy.  He was still so happy about how good Edgard was doing that happy that he kissed me on the head. A little weird and I tried to be like dad and be stiffer than a board. But he was so excited over one person who changed. How great. It was fantastic to see. He is a good man.

Oh and as a side note, this drunk guy lectured me on how I needed to protect my eyes until after the mission because they are to precious to lose. Also really weird.

As another note, elder Shumway is 20 today which makes me a very young missionary. Still a teenager, so I decided I'll live up my last teenagerness and bug him a lot. Its going to be great. Just kidding, I don't have enough energy for that.

Well I need to tell you that I love you all with every fiber of my being, and you've all been locked into my heart for so long I almost don't want to see you so I can just keep thinking about how great you are and not see any of your problems. Unless you're my brothers, then I love you because you're problems. Punks.

S.piritually M.inded I.s L.ife E.ternal
Elder Rollins

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